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SkyDrive Partners with Volatus to Grow AAM in Japan and US

SkyDrive Partners with Volatus to Grow AAM in Japan and US

Japanese flying car startup SkyDrive has forged a strategic partnership with US-based Volatus Infrastructure to support business development and the market expansion of eVTOL aircraft.

SkyDrive will integrate Volatus’ Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) infrastructure, including vertiports and charging stations, into its US business, while Volatus’s reach into the Japanese market will also be expanded.

SkyDrive is in the process of developing its SkyDrive SD-05, a small two-seat electric-powered aircraft.

“Volatus is planning to build permanent vertiports in many states in the US, starting with Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and SkyDrive is looking to utilize their vertiports,” said Tomohiro Fukuzawa, CEO, SkyDrive. “We believe our collaboration will accelerate and promote advanced air mobility.”

Volatus, since it was founded in 2021, has been committed to giving everyone equal access to eVTOL technology and products at an affordable price.

“This is a huge step forward for the global eVTOL industry,” said Grant Fisk, Infrastructure Co-Founder, Volatus. “We can best serve communities and make this technology accessible faster by working together. SkyDrive will play a critical role in creating our cargo hub.”