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MintAir Maps AAM Flight Service

MintAir Maps AAM Flight Service

Korean Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) service provider MintAir has announced plans to collaborate with smart maps platform Wemap and the city of Seongnam, located in northwestern South Korea, to demonstrate a four-dimensional AAM map for future flight routes and operations within the country.

The map is part of MintAir’s aim to provide urban and regional air services for passengers and cargo to and from Seongnam to locations around South Korea, including remote destinations such as Jeju Island and Ulleungdo Island.

The 4D map was constructed by mapping out urban buildings and airspace and will provide real-time updates of airspace information. The map aims to provide a precise flying corridor for AAM vehicles and will allow aircraft to correct course to avoid collisions with high-rise buildings.

“Our mission is to develop the safest AAM service in both urban and regional routes and the demonstration of the 4D AAM map solution is an important step forward to achieving this mission,” said Eugene Choi, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of MintAir. “We have successfully demonstrated a critical enabling technology for the safe operation of AAM service in urban routes.”

The announcement comes after MintAir used a drone to perform a demonstration flight through a flying corridor, and signed a Letter of Intent to purchase 50 hybrid-electric ultra-short takeoff and landing aircraft from U.S.-based AAM company Electra. The company also recently announced plans to order 40 aircraft from aircraft manufacturer Jaunt Air Mobility and to partner with aviation company Skyworks Aeronautics to test fly its eVTOL in South Korea.