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PLANA Signs Agreement with eVTOL Booking Platform

PLANA Signs Agreement with eVTOL Booking Platform

PLANA, the South Korean air taxi developer, has entered into a business partnership with MOVIATION, an urban air mobility (UAM) service platform that allows people to book air vehicles such as eVTOLs and helicopters through an app.

Under the agreement, the two parties will foster the growth of advanced air mobility (AAM) by developing a fully-functioning ecosystem for PLANA’s CP-01 hybrid-electric vertical takeoff and landing (HeVTOL)

PLANA and MOVIATION will also discuss routes, cabin configurations, and customer experience to enhance the overall customer experience and satisfaction. 

“We are excited to improve the satisfaction of our future passengers based on the infrastructure and data accumulated by MOVIATION,” Braden J. Kim, CEO of PLANA, said. “We hope that this MoU will help us expand the domestic AAM market.”

Shin Min, CEO of MOVIATION, described the partnership as “very meaningful” and added that the collaboration between the two South Korean companies will pave the way for the establishment of an AAM network in the country. 

This is the latest feather in the cap for PLANA as at the beginning of May, the HeVTOL manufacturer signed a Letter of Intent to deliver 50 CP-01 aircraft to Japanese air taxi company SkyTaxi. The company also told Asian Sky Group about its plans to produce a full-scale prototype of the CP-01 by 2025 and start operating commercially by 2028. 

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