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Eve Completes Urban Air Traffic Management Prototype

Eve Completes Urban Air Traffic Management Prototype

Eve Air Mobility, the eVTOL manufacturer, has completed developing its Urban Air Traffic Management (ATM) prototype. 

The prototype concentrates on the fundamental concepts and services required to support the introduction and expansion of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) operations. Eve’s next step will be the commercial development of Urban ATM solutions to guarantee the successful integration of UAM.

The Urban ATM prototype was first tested during Eve’s Chicago Simulation Experience in the fall of 2022 and helped verify the fundamental concepts and integration of UAM into the public transportation ecosystem. 

The simulation, which utilized helicopters instead of eVTOLs, carried out a series of tests for Urban ATM technology in conjunction with simulating ground services, infrastructure and equipment requirements, and vehicle and passenger journeys. 

These tests provided critical feedback for Eve, paving the way for the company to enhance the development of its commercial Urban ATM solutions. These solutions will provide customers with bespoke traffic management services that are tailored to meet their specific needs while ensuring maximum efficiency regarding operations and the utilization of resources. 

“Advanced Air Mobility has the potential to unlock significant new transportation options and economic opportunities for society. Eve recognizes that these developments need to be reviewed for safety and unification with the current airspace ecosystem to avoid potential logistical challenges,” said Andre Stein, co-CEO of Eve.

“By offering comprehensive solutions, our Urban ATM technology will provide critical traffic management services which will be essential to address these concerns. Eve’s Urban ATM will play a key role in enabling the global UAM market to scale and has a customer-centric design to address future operations’ pain points.”

Eve is collaborating with Atech, Embraer’s Air Traffic Control technology and system integrator company, to assist in developing the Urban ATM software solution. Atech has prior experience in developing aviation-grade products from ATM systems in Brazil. 

To promote the adoption of the Urban ATM software, Eve has established partnerships with Halo Aviation, BLADE India, Skyway, Bluenest, Volatus, and Ferrovial. 

To advance the development of the technology and scale UAM operations, Eve is working with regulators, air navigation service providers, fleet operators, vertiport developers, airports, and other stakeholders in the UAM industry throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

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