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Eve “Making Very Good Progress” Towards Certification

Eve “Making Very Good Progress” Towards Certification

Eve Air Mobility, the eVTOL subsidiary of Embraer, said it is “making very good progress” in conducting tests on its electric aircraft to ensure it is certificated and ready to be launched commercially by 2026. 

Various tests have been completed, including those related to the eVTOL’s propellers, which took place at the company’s propeller rig in Brazil. The outcome of the tests will help measure the aerodynamic performance of the eVTOL, along with the noise emitted. Eve used multiple models of its electric aircraft to identify methods to streamline efficiency, noise reduction, and operating costs. 

Eve also began testing the vertical lift rotors of its aircraft using a custom truck-mounted platform. The mobile testbed was specifically created to assess the performance of the rotors during the transition phase of flight. 

With testing in full swing, Eve plans to conclude the selection of its main equipment suppliers during the first half of 2023. Subsequently, the assembly of the first full-scale eVTOL prototype will begin in the second half of 2023, followed by a test campaign in 2024. Eve’s eVTOL is scheduled for certification and service entry in 2026.

“We are very pleased with our program development activities to date and making very good progress as we move toward the selection of primary suppliers and finalize the definition of our aircraft systems architecture,” said Alice Altissimo, Vice President of program management and operation of Eve. “We continue to invest and our team is working hard with the goal of developing a mature aircraft for certification and entry into service in 2026.”

The latest testing milestones come after Eve’s eVTOL successfully completed wind tunnel testing at a facility near Lucerne, Switzerland. The company also announced its first quarter performance for 2023, recording a net loss of USD$25.8 million.

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