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Greenjets Eyes India After Unveiling IPM5 Electric Jet Engine

Greenjets Eyes India After Unveiling IPM5 Electric Jet Engine

Electric jet-engine developer Greenjets has unveiled plans for a new base in the Indian state of Telangana, paving the way for the company to scale up its research and development as well as manufacturing operations in 2024.

The UK start-up’s announcement coincides with the bringing to market earlier this month of its first electric propulsor – a ducted-fan engine with “ultra-quiet and ultra-efficient” patented technology that, management says, will help reduce the aviation industry’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Greenjets Chief Executive Anmol Manohar said Telangana is an attractive base of operations due to the local government’s strategic focus on sustainable development, including its pledge to set up an aeronautical university and to make the state fully carbon neutral by 2047.

“Shri KTR Ji’s inspiring vision of decarbonization is one we share passionately,” Manohar said, referring to Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao, the Telangana Government Minister for IT, Industries and Municipal Administration. “His unwavering support towards our growth will surely help us accelerate our vision of becoming a global company with a strong footprint in India.”

The announcement followed extensive talks between the Ministry and senior management of Greenjets, also including Chief Technology Officer Guido Monterzino, Chief Engineer Michael Sheath, and Head of Airframe Propulsion Integration Darren James.

Greenjets was founded in 2019 and has, to date, secured more than $5 million in funding from both private investors and grants by Innovate UK, the non-departmental UK government agency that supports private-sector innovation for emerging technologies. Its team includes former executives from Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, Cosworth and Formula 1.

The company’s first propulsor, the IPM5 (Integrated Propulsion Module 5 engine), conducted its maiden flight on a Cobra UAS in December 2022 and shipping of the product began this month. The engine is targeted at commercial drone customers with an all-up weight of 750g and a maximum thrust of 5kgf at an efficiency of 360W/kgf.

The IPM5 will eventually become the smallest offering in Greenjets’ line of electric-jet engines, being marketed alongside the IPM50 and IPM500 for larger eVTOLs and regional aircraft. Technical specifications have not yet been released for those models.

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