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Cosmic Aerospace Develops 25-passenger Electric Airliner

Cosmic Aerospace Develops 25-passenger Electric Airliner

Cosmic Aerospace, a Denver-based start-up, is developing its all-electric airliner Cosmic Skylark that can carry 25 passengers up to 1,000 km (621 miles). 

Aimed at reducing the air pollution generated by regional flights, Cosmic is building superior propulsion systems compared to what is currently available. The company is also designing a unique airframe for its aircraft. 

Christopher Chahine, Cosmic’s CEO, is focused on aviation because flights are responsible for over 2% of all energy-related carbon emissions.

Research by the International Energy Agency has shown that aviation emissions have been increasing faster than other air pollution sources, such as road, rail, and shipping.

To bring the electric aircraft to market, Cosmic has procured USD$1.5 million in funding to date, which includes contributions from venture capital firms Pale Blue Dot and 50 Years. 

Alex Teng, a partner at 50 Years, attributed the venture capital company’s investment in Cosmic to the co-founders’ knowledge and background in aviation. He added that 50 Years is also committed to investing in companies striving to implement environmentally-friendly solutions with wide-reaching benefits. 

“Electric aviation has always suffered from a range problem, but my average flight is over 500 miles personally,” Teng told CNBC. “When I think about a sustainable future, I know we can’t stop flying. So figuring out aerodynamic efficiency coupled with a new kind of engine is a great approach.”

Teng said Cosmic plans to conduct its first flight test with a full-scale experimental airliner by 2026. The start-up recently completed building a prototype engine that will be used to power the aircraft. 

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