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Seoul to Conduct Air Taxi Test Flights in 2024

Seoul to Conduct Air Taxi Test Flights in 2024

The Seoul city government will conduct eVTOL flight tests in the South Korean capital in 2024 as part of a bigger project to introduce new modes of transportation in metropolitan areas by 2025.

The flight tests will be broken down into two stages in order to determine the feasibility and overall safety of integrating electric aircraft into the local airspace. 

Assessing the terrain and picking operators will comprise the first stage, while the second stage will consist of identifying flight routes, ensuring the safety of the aircraft, implementing communication networks, and assessing the noise pollution produced. 

The government has selected flight routes from Gimpo International Airport and Yeouido, which spans 18 km, and an 8 km route from Jamsil and Suseo. The eVTOL flight tests will venture beyond the boundaries of Seoul as two routes have been picked in both Gyeonggi Province and Incheon.

Aside from conducting test flights and adopting urban air mobility (UAM), the government is also actively involved in pinpointing locations that have the potential to serve as vertiports, which are used by electric aircraft to take off and land. 

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