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Geely Aerofugia Unveils Self-developed Flying Car

Geely Aerofugia Unveils Self-developed Flying Car

Aerofugia unveiled a full-size version of its TF-2 flying car recently in Shanghai. The company displayed the demonstrator during Shanghai’s Advanced Airlift Mobility Intelligence Course (AAMIC).

Founded in September, 2020, Aerofugia is the core of Geely Technology Group’s aviation strategy.

During the event, Dr. Guo Liang, President and Chief Scientist of Aerofugia, gave a detailed explanation of the market prospects of advanced air mobility (AAM) in different sectors. “At present, with excellent management and R&D team, accurate positioning of travel products, and rich airworthiness experience given by global resources, Aerofugia has proposed a solution of low altitude travel with TF-2 pure electric vertical take-off and landing manned vehicle as the core. ”

According to Aerofugia’s description, the TF-2 is a five seat, pure electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) which can meet the demand of zero-emission, low noise and high-frequency commercial operations within, and between nearby cities. The company says that it has made key breakthroughs in its work with dynamically tilting the aircraft’s rotors, having completed the verification process with its scaled-down prototype.

Aerofugia says that the TF-2 should fly for the first time before the end of 2022.


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