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Evolito Names New CEO

Evolito Names New CEO

Evolito, a developer and manufacturer of electric motors and powertrains for aerospace applications, has appointed Chris Harris as its chief executive officer.

Evolito is a spin off of YASA, a British electric motor startup that was acquired by Mercedez-Benz in August 2021 to develop ultra-high-performance electric motors for Mercedes’s AMG.EA electric-only platform.

Harris, a former CEO of YASA, stepped down from his role just before its acquisition and spun-out Evolito and remains a Non-Executive Director of YASA, which he joined in 2011.

Evolito, which specializes in light, high-performance axial-flux electric motors, is hoping to offer aerospace original equipment manufacturers and eVTOL customers fully-electric powertrain solutions that incorporate its electric motors, power electronics and batteries. The company also acquired Electroflight, a UK battery company, in July 2022.

“Electric flight requires ultra high-power density, super low-weight electric powertrains. Evolito provides best-in-class powertrain solutions for OEMs, leveraging next-generation axial-flux electric motor technology that’s already proven in automotive,” said Chris Harris. “I’m excited to lead Evolito’s talented and driven team as we accelerate the commercialization of electric flight, transforming not only the way people travel but also making our towns and cities greener, quieter places to live.”