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Jersey Closes Aircraft Registry

Jersey  Closes Aircraft Registry

The Jersey Aircraft Registry (JAR) is being forced to close due to the registry’s commercial underperformance, following a review from the Jersey government States Assembly.

Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture, Deputy Kirsten Morel said the registry does not represent value for the taxpayers, and its operation would need additional investment and resources.

He said this decision will have no impact on the diverse flight connections and services in Jersey, a British crown dependency and island off the northwest coast of France.

The UK Department for Transport has been informed about the decision, and one aircraft registered on the JAR has been transferred to another jurisdiction’s register.

“My decision has been based on JAR’s commercial underperformance, which does not represent value for Jersey taxpayers, and because additional investment would be needed to enhance its regulatory compliance, if it were to continue,” said Morel.

A total of four aircraft have been registered since the JAR was launched. The number then fell from three to one over the course of this year.

The officials are working on a new aviation strategy for Jersey while learning from their experiences of operating the JAR.

“Aviation and connectivity will continue to be of fundamental importance to Jersey’s community, and I would support opportunities for the sector to develop in a way that benefits Jersey’s economy,” Morel added.