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Bristow Acquires British International Helicopter Services

Bristow Acquires British International Helicopter Services

Bristow Group plans to acquire British International Helicopter Services (BIH) to strengthen its Government Service capabilities

British International Helicopter Services is a United Kingdom-based helicopter operator that provides commercial and military services.

The company operates a mixed fleet of two AW189 helicopters, three S61 helicopters, and one AS365 helicopter.

After the acquisition, BIH will add to Bristow’s operations and adopt the Bristow name and brand.

“This acquisition will further our government services business as we look to strengthen existing relationships and develop new partnerships throughout government sectors for safe and reliable vertical lift solutions,” said Chris Bradshaw, President and CEO of Bristow Group.

“Bristow is the leader in vertical lift for government services today. By adding BIH’s existing capabilities and experienced team members and building off its history of working with the British Armed Forces, Bristow will be well-positioned to further expand our services throughout the UK and beyond.” Said Bradshaw.

The acquisition is expected in an all-cash transaction and is anticipated to be completed by the third quarter of 2022.