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Azul Conecta Orders Eco Caravan Upgrades from Ampaire

Azul Conecta Orders Eco Caravan Upgrades from Ampaire

Brazilian airline Azul Conecta has signed a letter of intent (LoI) with hybrid-electric aircraft developer Ampaire to upgrade six of its Cessna Grand Caravans to Eco Caravans.

The upgraded aircraft, which features the AMP-H570 hybrid-electric powertrain and battery pack, will help the regional airline reduce operating costs and greenhouse emissions.

“After evaluating a range of technologies, including fully-electric and hydrogen fuel cells, we concluded that Ampaire moves us toward our ESG goals much sooner,” said Flavio Costa, CEO, Azul Conecta.

Azul Conecta will work in consultation with Ampaire to develop charging infrastructure and provide services to other Eco Caravan operators throughout South America.

The Eco Caravan made its first flight in November 2022. The nine-seater hybrid-electric aircraft can reduce emissions by up to 70% and bring down operating costs by 25%.

The California-based company is working with the Federal Aviation Administration to certify the Eco Caravan under a supplemental type certificate by 2024. Instead of full aircraft certification, Ampaire will work with Azul Conecta and acquire additional certification from Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency.

Azul Conecta is the largest operator of Cessna Grand Caravans in Brazil, with a fleet of 27 Grand Caravans aircraft.

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