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Leonardo Eyes Further Expansion of Itapevi Facility

Leonardo Eyes Further Expansion of Itapevi Facility

Leonardo seeks to further expand the service capacity of its Helicopter Support Centre in Itapevi, Brazil, two years since it entered service in 2021.

Recalling the journey of the newly launched Itapevi facility, Andrea Puglisi, Chief Executive Officer Leonardo Do Brasil LTDA, said in a recent blog that Leonardo does have plans to expand and renovate the support center.

“The facility has been built on a wide area that can accommodate further expansion, either more space for maintenance services of airframes and components, or possibly, a training Centre with a modern simulation device,” Puglisi said. “We also have in plan to restyle our VIP lounge for pilots with the Agusta brand.”

Describing the opening of the new center as a “landmark” and “the start of a journey,” Puglisi said the new infrastructure built on an area of 80,000 square meters has welcomed over 50% more customers for maintenance service.

To meet the needs of the operators, Leonardo has been working on the timely execution of its maintenance program. “Availability is key for a helicopter’s operation; it does not matter if the aircraft is required for a third party’s operations, to serve and protect the public, or to transport the owner – it has to be available when needed,” Puglisi added.

With 190 helicopters engaged in various missions, Brazil has been one of the major markets for Leonardo since it started to make the AM-X fighter with Embraer in the 1970s.

The new Service and Logistics Centre in Itapevi is part of Leonardo’s ongoing efforts to expand its regional helicopter customer service capabilities and enhance service capabilities in South America.

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