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Ampaire Awarded USD$9 Million from US Department of Energy

Ampaire Awarded USD$9 Million from US Department of Energy

California-based aircraft manufacturer Ampaire has received a USD$9 million award from ARPA-E, the United States Department of Energy’s advanced research unit, which will go towards funding Ampaire’s development of key hybrid-electric subsystems.

The grant, which comes from the United States Department of Energy’s SCALEUP program, hopes to expedite Ampaire’s plans to bring hybrid-electric aircraft to market and will go towards funding Ampaire’s powertrain control for it to manage power from both Ampaire powertrain combustion and electric sources, a propulsion motor drive that conditions power to the electric propulsion machinery, and the integration of the thermal-runaway-protected energy storage system.

“Ampaire has been flying and refining hybrid-electric prototype aircraft since 2019,” said Kevin Noertker, Chief Executive Officer of Ampaire. “The next step is to develop a fully-integrated propulsion system, the AMP-H570, that meets strict certification requirements. SCALEUP will be central to supporting this process at Ampaire and contribute to the certification of the nine-passenger Eco Caravan.”

On November 18, Ampaire completed a successful 33-minute test flight demonstrating its hybrid propulsion system using a Cessna Grand Caravan retrofitted with an internal combustion engine.