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SD Commercially Launches Plane Simple Antenna

SD Commercially Launches Plane Simple Antenna

Satcom Direct’s Plane Simple antenna series has been commercially launched following two years of development, testing and evaluation to provide broadband satellite connectivity for mid-to-large-size business aircraft.

The in-flight connectivity service provider said its SD Plane Simple Ku-band tail-mount terminal was developed to meet the specific needs of aircraft owners and operators in capacity, pricing plans and installation.

The antenna which has two LRUs, the SD modem, and a tail-mounted mechanically steered antenna was developed with Germany’s Qest. Earlier, the Plane Simple Ku-band technology has been test-flown using its Gulfstream G550 with more than 560 hours of flight time.

“We had an idea that we believed would change how aircraft owners and operators think about connectivity,” said Jim Jensen, CEO and founder of Satcom Direct, adding that the Plane Simple technology is a product line for now and the future.

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