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Zuri Targets USD$1.6 Million in Pre-series A Funding Round

Zuri Targets USD$1.6 Million in Pre-series A Funding Round

Zuri, a Czech Republic hybrid VTOL manufacturer, is aiming to secure €1.5 million (USD$1.6 million) in its pre-series A funding round, just six months after it unveiled an updated design concept of its Zuri 2.0 aircraft. 

The company has already procured €400,000 (USD$439,000) of the €1.5 million but has opened the ongoing investment round to potential investors all over the world. 

Michal Illich, the company’s founder, made the announcement at the Sustainable Skies World Summit 2023 in Farnborough, England. 

Zuri will also make an appearance at the General Aviation airshow: AERO Friedrichshafen from April 19 to 22, where they will allow people to fly the Zuri hybrid VTOL as pilots or passengers through a simulator and VR headsets. 

At the airshow, Zuri also plans to display its new 3MV1_NG vertical takeoff aircraft. Possessing a wingspan of 3.4 meters and weighing 25 kg, the unmanned aircraft will allow the Prague-based firm to “test the transition between vertical and horizontal mode and verify flight characteristics for the design of the Zuri 5-seater VTOL.”

The Zuri 2.0 hybrid VTOL is designed with eight propellers and a V-tail instead of a traditional tail, and can fly over 700 km at a cruise speed of 300 to 350 kph. The company also said its aircraft is three times cheaper to purchase and operate than comparable helicopters and reduces emissions by nearly three times in comparison to eVTOLs. 

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