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Odys Aviation Receives Investment from Abu Dhabi Firm

Odys Aviation Receives Investment from Abu Dhabi Firm

Odys Aviation, the developer of a hybrid-electric VTOL, has received investment from Knighthood Global, an Abu Dhabi-based advisory services firm. 

Under the arrangement, Knighthood Chairman James Hogan, and Camiel Eurlings, who is a Partner of the United Arab Emirates firm, will be part of Odys’ Advisory Board. 

“This additional investment will expand our market reach to travelers, operators, and investors around the world and make what we are building even more revolutionary,” the company said on social media.

Since Odys Aviation was founded in 2019, the company has raised USD$12.4 million in two rounds of funding. Knighthood is the latest addition to a growing pool of investors including Giant Ventures, Soma Capital, and the U.S. Air Force.

However, it remains unclear how much financial capital Knighthood has committed to Odys. 

“Our investment in Odys represents a very exciting opportunity for us to play a role in the future of sustainable global aviation,” Hogan said. “Air taxis miss the mark, Odys is developing sustainable VTOL aircraft to cut the travel time in half on busy travel corridors and create a new era of aviation untethered from runways and large airports.”

He further said the VTOL aircraft being developed will assist in making the industry’s zero carbon goal a reality. 

“We know that aviation is an indispensable driver of the global economy. However, it has to change fundamentally to meet the industry’s agreed zero carbon commitment, and to reduce its negative environmental impact,” Hogan said. 

James Dorris, Co-founder and CEO of Odys Aviation, welcomed the duo on board and is confident that the Long Beach-based company’s hybrid-electric aircraft will “revolutionize” commercial aviation.

“We envision a future of travel that is sustainable, efficient, and delivers an exceptional passenger experience,” he added. “Our plans are revolutionary, bridging the gap between existing technology and fully electric aviation, bringing the future of flight to life.

“By collaborating with Knighthood, we will expand our depth of industry experience and market reach to travelers, operators, and investors around the world.” 

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