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Wisk CEO: Autonomous Passenger eVTOLs “Actually Ready Now”

Wisk CEO: Autonomous Passenger eVTOLs “Actually Ready Now”

Brian Yutko, the CEO of Wisk Aero, said the introduction of passenger-carrying autonomous eVTOLs into society is closer than most people think and the aircraft are “actually ready now.”

Yutko pointed out there is a perception that self-flying aircraft is a concept that will only be ready in the distant future. Debunking that theory, he reiterated autonomous vehicles are ready for service as the required certification standards have been laid out. 

“My sense is that people think passenger-carrying autonomous aircraft are often some far distant future that we can’t even imagine but in reality, I think they’re actually ready now and the certification pathways to get them into service exist now,” Yutko said on The Vertical Space Podcast. 

Wisk is currently developing a self-flying electric aircraft known as Generation 6 and aims to be one of the world’s first providers of autonomous air taxis. 

In May 2023, Wisk joined forces with Japan Airlines to introduce an autonomous air taxi service in Japan using its four-seater Generation 6 eVTOL. Wisk also signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with JAL Engineering (JALEC) that will explore multiple areas, such as type certification, with the Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) and other government agencies.

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