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Volatus Joins AAM Infrastructure Committee

Volatus Joins AAM Infrastructure Committee

Volatus Infrastructure has joined the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Committee. As a member, it will provide insights and expertise on the building of infrastructures for future air taxis.

Grant Fisk, the Co-Founder of Volatus Infrastructure, became part of the committee established by the non-profit trade association in 2021.

The organization has members ranging from fixed base operators (FBOs) and representatives from major eVTOL companies, including Joby Aviation, Beta Technologies, and Volatus Infrastructure. Together, they will address sustainable infrastructure for electric aircraft, such as vertiports.

As the race for eVTOL certification heats up, Fisk said it is a critical time to plan and get prepared for the entry of new eVTOL vehicles into the market. 

“Volatus Infrastructure is on the cutting edge of practical, agile and scalable eVTOL infrastructure solutions, building strategic industry partnerships, and preparing communities to support a new aviation environment,” said Megan Eisenstein, Managing Director of Industry Affairs and Innovation, NATA.

“We look forward to adding Grant’s voice and vision to the diverse structure and representation of NATA’s AAM Committee,” Eisenstein said.

The addition of Volatus Infrastructure to the AAM committee will bring insights and expertise to the discussions held on the future of AAM infrastructure and operations. The company’s focus on practical, agile, and scalable eVTOL infrastructure solutions will be relevant and important in shaping the future of air transport.

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