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Vertical Flight Society Prepares for AAM Infrastructure Workshops

Vertical Flight Society Prepares for AAM Infrastructure Workshops

The Vertical Flight Society (VFS) has entered the final stages of its preparations for the sixth workshop focused on advanced air mobility (AAM) infrastructure.

The workshop will be held between September 20th and 22nd in the US state of Ohio.

Rex Alexander, VFS Infrastructure Advisor, said the overall theme for this year’s two-day infrastructure workshop will be on the recently published NASA whitepaper “Advanced Air Mobility Vertiport Considerations: A List and Overview.”

The workshop will hold sessions including brainstorming and panel discussions on topics including cybersecurity, vertiport configuration, vertiport architectural & engineering programming, vertiport airspace, battery charging and hydrogen infrastructure.

The NASA whitepaper under AAM Ecosystem Working Groups (AEWGs) program outlines over 500 considerations for evaluating and determining vertiport site selection which were developed and compiled by nearly 100 subject matter experts.

According to Alexander, the target audience for the workshops are mainly federal, state and local decision-makers who will be responsible for the development of AAM infrastructure policies, regulations, ordinances and codes.

The VFS, which was founded as the American Helicopter Society (AHS) in 1943, is a non-profit, charitable educational technical society dedicated to enhancing the understanding of vertical flight technology.


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