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Vertical Continues Partnership with GKN Aerospace

Vertical Continues Partnership with GKN Aerospace

GKN Aerospace has provided the electrical wiring interconnection system (EWIS) and High Voltage High Power Interconnection system for Vertical’s VX4 electric propulsion units (EPU).

Assembly and installation of the airframe and EWIS were done at GKN Aerospace’s new Global Technology Centre in Bristow.

“Our partnership with GKN Aerospace, a leading global technology supplier, is providing the aerostructures and EWIS systems in the VX4, accelerating our development and signifying great progress for electric aviation as a whole,” saysMichael Cervenka, President, Vertical.

“This is a breakthrough moment in our step towards creating a sustainable future of flight. Companies like Vertical are a game-changer for our industry and are making zero-emission travel a reality today,” adds John Pritchard, President of Civil Airframes, GKN Aerospace.

The parties later plan to combine the Wing and EWIS for Vertical’s aircraft, with the VX4 targeting entry into service in 2025.

Vertical recently entered into an agreement with Babcock International to study uses for the VX4 aircraft in emergency medical services and cargo transport roles.