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Urban-Air Port Partners with Osprey

Urban-Air Port Partners with Osprey

Urban-Air Port (UAP) has chosen Osprey to provide charging for non-aeronautical vehicles at its vertiports.

Osprey is the UK’s leading charging network.

This will help to provide a smooth and emission-free journey for fliers.

“Our goal is to provide agnostic ground infrastructure for eVTOL cargo and passenger air taxis, including ground transport, as demonstrated at Air One – A seamless, zero-emission, intermodal journey is now possible,” states Ricky Sandhu, Founder and Executive Chairman at UAP.

The chargers will be featured through UAP’s digital platform ‘Urban-Air Choice’, as well as its app.

UAP further intends to use Osprey’s charging technology for its future vertiports throughout the UK.

UAP previously appointed Atalian Servest to help with its launch event in Coventry.