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Dymond Group Invests In Urban-Air Port

Dymond Group Invests In Urban-Air Port

Dymond Group has invested in Urban-Air Ports (UAP), and also ordered two AirOne vertiports.

The vertiports will be stationed in Atlantic Canada and Western Canada, respectively.

According to Carl Dymond, founder and CEO of the Dymond Group, the companies hope to build a sustainable, green, and economical urban air mobility (UAM) network.

This will be done by constructing UAP facilities where urban growth and development are happening in Canada.

Carl Dymond and Adam Slepian, Supernal’s Global Head of Partnerships, will join the UAP Board of Directors.

“We are thrilled to have the backing of Dymond Group. Their work in aviation, and in physical and digital infrastructure management, aligns perfectly with our focus and future growth plans in North America and globally,” states Ricky Sandhu, CEO of UAP.

This investment is projected to speed up the development of a global zero-emissions mobility ecosystem.

UAP and Supernal also recently opened its AirOne vertiport in Coventry, UK, to the public.