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Supernal Unveils eVTOL Cabin Concept at Farnborough International Air Show

Supernal Unveils eVTOL Cabin Concept at Farnborough International Air Show

Supernal showcased its first electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) cabin concept at the 2022 Farnborough International Air Show in the UK. The cabin concept was shown in Exhibit Hall 1, Booth 1307.


Supernal’s eVTOL is a five-seater, which has been ergonomically designed for passengers. The aircraft is also light-weight, and built with sustainability in mind.


“We are taking the time to create a safe, light-weight commercial eVTOL that provides our future passengers with the security and comfort they find in their own cars,” says Jaiwon Shin, President of Hyundai Motor Group and CEO of Supernal.


“The Supernal eVTOL vehicle draws on the competence of the Hyundai Motor Group and the skillset of experienced automotive designs, which allowed us to develop a new air mobility concept that is not only safe and rational but also highly emotional,” says Luc Donckerwolke, Chief Creative Officer of Hyundai Motor Group.


Hyundai’s Korea-based branch is further developing a hydrogen-powered mid-sized vehicle that can transport both passengers and cargo. The branch plans to launch its hydrogen vehicle in the 2030s.


“Hyundai Motor Group is working to leverage synergies between automotive’s high-rate manufacturing capabilities and aerospace’s high certification standards to build the foundation for everyday use of passenger and cargo air vehicles,” adds Shin.


Supernal plans to certify its eVTOL aircraft for commercial launch in the US starting in 2028, with the EU and UK following shortly thereafter.


Supernal previously worked with Urban-Air Port to debut the Air-One vertiport in Coventry, UK.