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ASL Group and Lilium to Develop AAM Network in Benelux

ASL Group and Lilium to Develop AAM Network in Benelux

ASL Group is working with Lilium to provide sustainable air mobility in Benelux. ASL also plans to buy six Lilium Jets, and will further cooperate to develop a network of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft landing sites across Benelux.

“Our aircraft performance and low noise profile will be a great addition to ASL’s fleet. With the highest population density in Europe, Benelux represents a perfect use case for eVTOL transportation, and we are proud to support ASL’s development in the region,” explains Daniel Wiegand, CEO of Lilium.

“The Lilium Jet is a great opportunity to provide better value to our customers in a sustainable way. With zero operating emissions, vertical take-off landing capability and a spacious premium cabin, Lilium represents the best option on the market,” says Philippe Bodson, ASL Group’s owner and CEO.

All proposed arrangements between the parties are still subject to the finalization of commercial terms.

Lilium is aiming to achieve type certification for its aircraft in 2025.

Lilium recently partnered with AAP Aviation to develop AAM in Scandinavia.