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Skyports Partner with SITA on Digital Solutions for AAM

Skyports Partner with SITA on Digital Solutions for AAM


Skyports is collaborating with IT provider SITA to integrate its digital solutions into Skyports’ vertiports.

SITA’s technology will be first used at Skyports’ Cergy-Pontoise vertiport testbed in Paris. It is planned to be completed in September 2022.

The partnership aims to demonstrate how passengers can smoothly navigate the advanced air mobility (AAM) ecosystem.

“We are partnering with SITA to move into the next crucial stage in the planning and development of the AAM industry – defining the experience for end-users. Everything we do at Skyports is underpinned by the belief that there is a faster, smarter, more streamlined way to travel. Our work with SITA will demonstrate how that translates to the passenger journey,” says Duncan Walker CEO of Skyports.

SITA’s technology will provide an automated scheduling system for electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) operations. It also allows travelers to book and reserve flights through its mobile app. SITA’s face pods can help identify and verify passengers.

Later in the year, Skyports will begin its passenger experience trials at the vertiport testbed facility.

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