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Prestige Aviation Purchases 100 AAVs From EHang

Prestige Aviation Purchases 100 AAVs From EHang

Indonesia’s Prestige Aviation has agreed to purchase 100 EH216 autonomous aerial vehicles (AAV) from EHang.

The announcement was made during an online contract signing ceremony during the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2022.

According to Prestige Aviation’s Executive Chairman Rudy Salim, as Indonesia is an archipelagic country, the new transportation model of urban air mobility (UAM) can enable inter-island mobility, boosting regional economies to grow.

“EHang has long been a crucial partner to Prestige Aviation. As a forerunner of Indonesia’s sustainable transportation, we hope that we can address the Indonesian public’s need for aerial transportation and therefore, we are ready to support the Indonesian new capital Nusantara’s Smart City initiative with EH216 AAVs,” Salim continues.

This is the largest pre-order to date for EHang. EHang projects it will receive Chinese type certification for the EH216 aircraft in 2022.

EHang recently received pre-orders for 60 AAVs from AEROTREE Group, to assist with developing a UAM ecosystem in Malaysia.

You can read more about EHang in Asian Sky Media’s 2021 Asia-Pacific UAM Report.


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