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NBAA President Bolen Says “Time to Stop Shaming” Business Jets

NBAA President Bolen Says “Time to Stop Shaming” Business Jets

NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen responded to an opinion piece published by The Washington Post calling for a curb in the growth of business aviation because of its impact on the environment.

In a letter titled “It’s Time to Stop Shaming an Essential Business Tool,” Bolen said, “Business aviation is a critical component of our nation’s economy and transportation system, with important societal benefits and a strong momentum toward a net-zero carbon future.”

The article “Cancel Private Jets? Here’s a Better Idea” released by The Washington Post pointed out the oversized environmental footprint of the sector, saying that “Until zero-emission journeys are a reality, curbing growth in private flying will be necessary.”

In response, Bolen said the article has “set up a false debate about the value of business aviation.”

He said the business aviation sector not only brings efficiency and productivity to companies, but supports the economy by creating more than a million jobs and $200 billion in the US each year.

The piece came out at a time of heated debate on whether to ban private jets, as green politicians in France are demanding an outright ban on such aircraft.

Although private jets account for just 0.04% of global emissions, the amount is still relatively high compared with other modes of transport.

However, the industry is pouring its efforts into developing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Bolen also talked about how the Wright brothers defied naysayers with their innovative spirit and put America on a path toward global leadership in aviation. “We will build on that legacy in a safe, secure and sustainable way,” he added.