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French Government Backs Tax Rise on Private Jets Next Year

French Government Backs Tax Rise on Private Jets Next Year

The French government will support raising private jet taxes by 2023, and will align the taxation of aviation fuels with that of car fuels, says Christophe Bechu, France’s Minister for Ecological Transition and Cohesion of the Territories.

France is one of the busiest business aviation centers in Europe, with one-tenth of all flights departing from France being private jets.

Speaking with Franceinfo radio station, Bechu said the government backs the amendment to the 2023 tax bill filed by President Emmanuel Macron’s political bloc.

Following wildfires and heat waves in one of France’s hottest summers to date, rumors of a ban on private jets and a call to regulate started amid worries about the carbon footprint of the industry.

Julien Bayou, the former leader of France’s The Greens party and an influential figure in the left-wing coalition NUPES, has repeatedly called for an outright ban on private jets. Clément Beaune, France’s Transport Minister, also called for private jet flights to be “regulated” because of their contribution to climate change.

However, not all people endorse the idea. NBAA President and Chief Executive Officer Ed Bolen pointed out the value of the sector in creating societal and economic benefits, calling that “It’s Time to Stop Shaming an Essential Business Tool.”

The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) said banning business jets will halt the sustainable future of aviation and deter the entire industry from operating and developing sustainable technologies.

Private jets account for only 0.04% of global emissions, but the amount is still relatively high compared with other modes of transport.