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Bombardier and Signature Sign SAF Deal

Bombardier and Signature Sign SAF Deal

Bombardier and Signature Aviation have signed a deal that will see the Canadian-based OEM use Signature Aviation’s sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) book and claim system to offset the carbon emissions from its flights.

The two companies made the announcement during the first day of the 2022 NBAA-BACE event in Orlando.

Beginning in January 2023, Bombardier will offset all of its flights, including delivery and demonstration flights, as well as flights between its Toronto and Montreal facilities. Global family aircraft are built in Toronto, then ferried to Montreal to be completed.

Bombardier says that the initiative will help it reduce its emissions by up to 25% annually.

“Bombardier already has a unique environmental advantage as our production facilities in Quebec are powered by cleaner hydroelectricity. We will drive our environmental stewardship even further by covering all our production flights with SAF through the new agreement with Signature Aviation,” said Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Executive Vice President Services and Support, and Corporate Strategy. “More of our customers are using SAF and so must Bombardier – we must all share in the responsibility for a sustainable future. We believe that taking action today allows us to have maximum impact on the sector as a whole and on the production of SAF.”

The Canadian OEM says that the agreement with Signature forms part of its efforts to fall in line with the aviation industries goal of achieving a carbon-neutral footprint by 2050.

“Signature Renew’s Book & Claim program is business aviation’s most pragmatic approach to making the lowest overall carbon intensity SAF quickly and easily accessible,” explained Tony Lefebvre, Chief Executive Officer for Signature Aviation. “Over the last two years, Signature has grown our SAF supply points to 17 global airports, or around 10% of our total network of private aviation terminals. But until we reach the milestone of SAF at every one of our terminals’ fuel farms, Book & Claim gives critical coverage to gaps in supply while immediately taking greenhouse gasses out of the atmosphere. Bombardier’s implementation of its ambitious sustainability plans demonstrates how any fleet operator, big or small, can tackle the challenge of their aircraft’s emissions through bulk carbon reductions, created right here in business aviation.”