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Aviation Personnel International Sees Changing Bizav Recruiting Landscape

Aviation Personnel International Sees Changing Bizav Recruiting Landscape

Business aviation recruiting firm Aviation Personnel International (API) highlighted significant changes in business aviation recruitment during the 2022 NBAA-BACE in Orlando.

The company, while celebrating its 50th anniversary and witnessing significant changes in business aviation in the past 10 years, said a talent shortage, as well as a lack of diversity and inclusion, have been spotted in the industry.

“In another 10 years, I don’t think we’ll have many 40-year-old pilots in business aviation. Our traditional pipeline ‘feeders’—the military and regional airlines—are all bypassing business aviation for the airline pay and schedule,” said Sheryl A. Barden, President and CEO, API.

The role of aviation director, maintenance professional, cabin safety attendant and scheduler has also been shifting.

“Fifty years ago, flying privately was considered an executive ‘perk,’ and a corporate flight department was an island unto itself, with its own checkbook. Today, aviation directors are responsible for reporting on the aircraft usage, and that includes documenting its usage in annual reports and on personal use taxes,” said Barden.

A cabin safety attendant, apart from ensuring the safety of passengers, has to be a “tech guru” knowing how to operate the communications and cabin entertainment systems.

Barden also pointed out a growing need for work and life balance among Gen X, Millennial and Gen Z workforces.

API, the longest-running business aviation recruiting firm, provides recruiting services by matching high-quality candidates with employers.