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Raytheon Technologies Launches Cabin Connectivity Solution

Raytheon Technologies Launches Cabin Connectivity Solution

Collins Aerospace, a division of Raytheon Technologies, has introduced an affordable and efficient cabin connectivity solution for business jets, aiming to keep passengers connected during their flights.

The newly launched system, known as the Collins Aerospace IRT NX Satellite Communication (SATCOM) system for Iridium Certus 700, is designed for all cabin sizes and saves costs of up to 50% for operators.

The system is one of the first certified connected cabin hardware and provides business jet operators with a swift and affordable installation process, making it an attractive option for cabins of all sizes, according to Collins Aerospace’s Clotilde Enel-Réhel, Executive Director of Programs Connected Aviation Solutions.

“Applications range from complementing existing KU/KA Band service in large cabins, to introducing cabin internet to small and medium-sized aircraft,” said Rehel.

Bombardier has been selected as the launch customer for the system. The system will be installed during production and also offered as an upgrade option for existing customer aircraft, starting in the second half of 2023.

“By working hand-in-hand with SATCOM provider Iridium, the only player today offering pole-to-pole coverage capabilities, we are broadening the reach of connectivity solutions for all our business aviation customers around the world,” said Nate Boelkins, Vice President and General Manager Business and Regional Avionics, Collins Aerospace.

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