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Leonardo Equips AW09 with Safran Engine

Leonardo Equips AW09 with Safran Engine

Leonardo and Safran announced a partnership to improve the performance and competitiveness of the AW09 single-engine helicopter by using Safran’s Arriel engine.

The latest AW09 prototype, PS4, will be powered by Safran’s Arriel 2K engine, the latest version of the Arriel family with the “most efficient level of industrialization, global supply and supportability for customers,” according to Leonardo. The aircraft will start flight tests at Kopter’s facility in Mollis, Switzerland.

Up until now, AW09 (née Kopter SH09) prototypes had been powered by Honeywell’s HTS900 engine.

“The decision to select this propulsion system is totally consistent with this strategy and we look forward to working with our partner to bring the most modern single engine on the commercial market,” Gian Piero Cutillo, MD of Leonardo Helicopters, said.

Safran has manufactured 15,000 Arriel series engines, which are used to power a range of helicopters such as the Airbus Helicopters Astar family, Leonardo AW109, and various Sikorsky S-76 models.

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