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Daher to Build Hybrid-electric TBM Aircraft by 2027

Daher to Build Hybrid-electric TBM Aircraft by 2027

French aircraft manufacturer Daher announced plans to construct a hybrid-electric version of its TBM aircraft by 2027.

Senior Vice-president Nicolas Chabbert at Daher’s aviation division confirmed plans to broaden their fleet with the new venture at the Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo in Lakeland, Florida.

Currently, the company produces four airplane models – the Kodiak 100 Series III and 900, and TBM 910 and 960. It delivered 73 airplanes in 2022 but aims to ramp it up to between 85 and 90 this year.

The hybrid-electric TBM will take inspiration from Daher’s EcoPulse technology demonstrator being built in partnership with Safran and Airbus. Chabbert said the company has installed two of the six motors on the hybrid-electric EcoPulse, which has already logged 10 hours. A majority of the testing to date has revolved around the thermal aspect of the aircraft.

Daher expects to have all six motors installed on the TBM by June so that it can be publicly unveiled for the first time at the Paris Airshow. Chabbert said the company is conducting a thorough evaluation of the motor configurations, but doing so in stages so that the aircraft is ready to begin operating in 2027.

The Wissous-based firm also provided another development aside from the hybrid-electric TBM, announcing the launch of its third aircraft production facility in Stuart, Florida. Combined with its Kodiak production site in Sandpoint, Idaho, and TBM manufacturing plant in Tarbes, France, the new facility in Stuart will enable Daher to boost production from 120 to 130 planes annually.

“With the EcoPulse demonstrator, Daher intends to develop the key architectural principles for future hybrid aircraft. This project reaffirms our commitment to more efficient and eco-responsible aviation, building on our expertise as a general aviation manufacturer with the Kodiak and TBM airplane product lines,” said Pascal Laguerre, Chief Technology Officer, Daher.

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