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Joby Ranks First in Latest AAM Reality Index

Joby Ranks First in Latest AAM Reality Index

Joby Aviation ranked first at SMG Consulting’s Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Reality Index released in February this year, continuing to be the company that is most likely to bring its eVTOL aircraft into commercial service.

Among over 700 entrants, Joby Aviation received the largest funding of over US$1,900 million and gained the highest 8.7 points for the AAM Reality Index (ARI), followed by Volocopter, Archer, EHang and Beta Technologies.

Lilium, Archer, Beta Technologies and Wisk have all received more than US$700 million in funding each as calculated in the index rating, while Lilium has the largest amount of orders. Six of the top ten rated companies are headquartered in the U.S., with others scattered in Germany, China Brazil and the UK.

The ARI describes the likelihood of an OEM certifying their aircraft, entering service, and mass producing. The data-based rating tool, which serves as a guide to the complexities of the AAM industry, is calculated based on factors such as current funding, leading teams, technology readiness, certification progress and mass production readiness.

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