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Joby Expands Long-term Partnership with Toyota

Joby Expands Long-term Partnership with Toyota

Joby Aviation, the eVTOL manufacturer, and Toyota Motor Corporation have inked a long-term partnership for the supply of key powertrain and actuation components. 

Toyota will supply the components for the development of Joby’s electric aircraft, which is scheduled to enter the market in 2025. 

The powertrain and actuation components will be designed by Joby and manufactured by Toyota. The components will be delivered to Joby’s manufacturing premises in San Carlos, California, before being shipped on to the company’s production facility in Marina, California, where they will be fitted onto the eVTOL aircraft.

The deal strengthens the two parties’ longstanding relationship that previously encompassed the production and assembly of Joby’s electric aircraft. Toyota has also invested approximately USD$400 million, making the Japanese firm Joby’s biggest external shareholder.

“Our partnership with Toyota continues to be an integral part of Joby’s success, from assisting in the design of our pilot production line in Marina, California, to supplying key components for our aircraft,” JoeBen Bevirt, the founder and CEO of Joby, said. 

Keiji Yamamoto, President, Toyota Connected, said the deal paves the way for the high volume production of Joby’s electric aircraft under strict safety and quality standards. 

“We are very pleased to have reached this milestone with our key partner,” he said. “Our mutual goal is mass production of eVTOL and helping Joby apply the best practices of the Toyota Production System in meeting high quality, reliability, safety, and strict cost standards.

“We are excited about the potential for further collaboration as we seek to realize Mobility for All with a seamlessly integrated air-to-ground mobility network,” Yamamoto added.

Joby in February also partnered with Aero Asahi, a subsidiary of Toyota, to develop an air taxi shuttle service in Tokyo. It also applied to the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) to obtain validation for its Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) aircraft type certification plan. 

Earlier this week, the Santa Cruz-based firm extended its contract with the U.S. Air Force. Under the deal, Joby will deliver nine of its electric air taxis to the Air Force. 

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