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Joby Achieves Historic First with IS-BAO Registration

Joby Achieves Historic First with IS-BAO Registration

Joby Aviation has accomplished a historic safety milestone by becoming the first eVTOL company to achieve the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operators (IS-BAO) registration. 

IS-BAO, which aims to raise the bar for safety and support operators in achieving a global standard, is an internationally recognized safety standard that helps operators enhance their safety-related practices.

Bonny Simi, Head of Air Operations and People at Joby Aviation, described attaining Stage 1 IS-BAO as a crucial achievement that highlights the company’s commitment to safety.  

“Achieving this milestone is an important step towards developing our operational muscle, and we’re grateful to the team at IBAC for their leadership in this space,” Simi said. 

Kurt Edwards, International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) Director General, congratulated Joby and said the council would continue working with the electric aircraft manufacturer. 

“Joby Aviation is a leader in advanced air mobility. We congratulate them on achieving Stage 1 IS-BAO and look forward to working with them and others in this evolving aviation segment to demonstrate excellence in safety and continuous improvement,” he said. 

Andrew Karas, Director of the IS-BAO Program, added: “It’s exciting to see Joby make this commitment to safety in their operation from the start. They have been active in our IS-BAO AAM working group and contributed to the adaptation process of the standard to this new sector. Our team has enjoyed working with the Joby safety team and admires their hard work and professionalism.”

The business aviation community developed IS-BAO to encourage top-quality operating practices. The adopted safety standards establish a framework for effective safety and operational processes, providing operators with the necessary guidelines to implement a safety management system (SMS). 

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