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Gogo Expands 5G Footprint into Canada

Gogo Expands 5G Footprint into Canada

Gogo Business Aviation, the broadband connectivity services provider, will expand its Gogo 5G network into Canada, providing greater coverage for business aviation operators.

The expansion into Canada is expected to be completed in 2024.

The move will benefit Canadian business aviation operators and allow customers to access Gogo’s 5G network, which offers faster speeds and improved connectivity while video conferencing, live TV, and gaming in flight.

The move is part of Gogo’s ongoing efforts and plan to expand its 5G network globally. The company has already launched its 5G network in the United States and plans to expand to other countries in the future.

“Building on our nationwide network in the contiguous United States, expanding into Canada will allow our customers to realize enhanced inflight connectivity in more destinations and routes where they fly,” said Sergio Aguirre, Gogo’s president and chief operating officer, adding that field operations teams are getting ready to execute.

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