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Eve and Thales Team Up to Develop eVTOLs

Eve and Thales Team Up to Develop eVTOLs

Thales has partnered with Eve to assist in developing Eve’s electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

Thales designs and builds electrical systems for the aerospace, defense, transport, and security industries.

The collaboration is made up of a series of joint studies which started in January 2022 and will last for 12 months.

The studies focus on the workability of a 100% electrically powered aircraft.

Thales will also help in developing avionics, flight control, connectivity systems, and more.

“This partnership will strengthen Eve’s position as a leading player in the global market and our commitment to delivering an effective and sustainable new mode of urban transportation,” states Andre Stein, co-CEO of Eve.

The collaboration is projected to revolutionize sustainable urban mobility.

Eve recently announced it is ready to complete its merger with Zanite, and is expected to start trading on the New York Stock Exchange soon.