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EHang to Partner with ENAIRE on UAM and U-Space

EHang to Partner with ENAIRE on UAM and U-Space

EHang is working together with ENAIRE the national air navigation manager of Spain and Western Sahara.

The collaboration will promote research and development in the U-Space and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) sectors in Spain and Europe.

The parties will also promote U-Space and UAM services.

“Through the collaboration with ENAIRE, EHang seeks to support the development and implementation of new digital technologies for the integration of AAVs, and the implementation of a safe, sustainable and efficient UAM,” says Victoria Xiang, COO of EHang Europe and Latin America.

According to María Luz de Mateo, Business Development Director at ENAIRE, the partnership will “…promote the development and early deployment of U-Space services and Urban Air Mobility in Spain.”

EHang recently received purchases for five of its EH216 Autonomous Aerial Vehicles (AAVs) from Tianxingjian.