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Charm Aviation to Buy 100 eVTOLs for New York City Tours

Charm Aviation to Buy 100 eVTOLs for New York City Tours

EVTOL developer LIFT Aircraft said it signed a letter of intent with Charm Aviation with the aim of providing personal flight tours for tourists in New York City.

The two companies are planning to pre-order 100 HEXA eVTOL aircraft and develop vertiports along New York City’s waterfront areas with flights limited to flyover areas that aren’t congested and uncontrolled airspace under Federal Aviation Administration rules. They hope to have test flights in the city by the end of 2023.

“New York is one of the largest markets for helicopter tours and air taxi operations in the world, and we expect the region will be one of the biggest markets for next generation, urban air mobility as well. We’re thrilled to be partnering with the owners of one of the largest helicopter operators in New York to bring LIFT to the region,” says Matt Chasen, Chief Executive Officer, LIFT Aircraft.

“Our top-selling helicopter tour flights last between 12 to15 minutes, so HEXA’s flight time is a perfect fit for self-piloted, recreational flights,” said Caitlyn Ephraim, President, Charm Aviation. “I can’t wait to fly HEXA around the Statue of Liberty. We think this is the future of the helicopter tour market.”

LIFT Aircraft is launching services to teach passengers how how to fly semi-autonomous eVTOL aircraft in less than an hour without the need for a pilot’s license.