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Archer opts for a Cautious Approach in Naming eVTOL Performance Specs

Archer opts for a Cautious Approach in Naming eVTOL Performance Specs

Archer Aviation will take a “conservative approach” in establishing targeted specifications for its eVTOL regarding battery pack performance, in a bid to ensure the company meets the public’s expectations.

This is according to Tom Muniz, Chief Operating Officer of Archer Aviation, who noted that the battery life cycle of its eVTOL, called Midnight, will be around 3,000 cycles.

“We think we’ll be able to operate at least 3,000 [flight] cycles, but likely many more … That is based off of a very long, extensive test campaign and a conservative interpretation of the data,” Muniz noted. “If we wanted to be optimistic, we could probably also get close to 10,000 [flight] cycles, but we’re not out there saying that … We’re taking a conservative approach.”

The company is confident that its eVTOL will be able to carry a payload of over 1,000 pounds, or roughly more than the weight of four passengers, which is key to ensuring operating and ticket costs are affordable, Muniz added.

Muniz was a speaker at AIRTAXI World Congress, which took place in Istanbul, Turkey, where he spoke on the capital, infrastructure, regulations, and certification targets that need to be met to fast-track the commercialization of eVTOLs.

Archer Aviation is currently focused on building its pre-production prototype version of Midnight, and aims to see it fly for the first time in early 2023.