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Alpha Aviation Purchases Entrol’s FTD Simulator

Alpha Aviation Purchases Entrol’s FTD Simulator

Flight training organization Alpha Aviation has bought a new flight training device (FTD) simulator from Entrol for its helicopter flight training program in Japan.

Entrol’s AS350 FTD Level 5 simulator will be equipped with the company’s latest technology, including a cylindrical visual system, an enclosed instructor operation system and a debriefing station for further analysis from the instructors.

“We were looking for a sophisticated FTD to facilitate the evolution of flight training,” said Kenji Saito, Vice President, Alpha Aviation, who was impressed with the professional explanation and knowledge of Entrol staff.

The company, which is responsible for providing over 50% of all helicopter flight training in Japan, is on its way to increasing the number of simulators and furthering its services in flight training.

“We are proud we are increasing our presence in Japan; we hope we can cooperate with Alpha Aviation for many years and increase the bonds between the companies. We appreciate the trust Alpha Aviation has in our products, and we expect to deliver without inconvenience”, said Iñigo Hernández, Business Manager, Entrol.

This simulator will be installed in their base in Tokyo in the upcoming months.