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UMILES Next eVTOL Completes Second Test Flight

UMILES Next eVTOL Completes Second Test Flight

Spanish Aerospace company UMILES Next completed a second test flight of its eVTOL aircraft on 26 October. The company flew its eVTOL, dubbed Integrity, for the first time in Spain following its first successful test flight which took place in Toulouse, France earlier this month.

The test flight took place at the ATLAS Test Flight Centre in Villacarrillo, Jaén, Spain. It was part of a European project called USPACE4UAM, which is intended to safely integrate mixed operations such as manned and unmanned vehicles into urban settings.

UMILES Next eVTOL is equipped with equipment developed by its research partner Technalia called FlyFree technology that allows the aircraft to operate and fly in difficult conditions. It also allows for each propulsion unit to be controlled individually, which the company says will enhance maneuverability.

The eVTOL, which can carry two passengers and fly at speeds of 220 km/h, has a flight range of up to 125 km.

The company hopes to bring its Integrity eVTOL to the market in 2028.