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Aerofugia Officially Starts Type Certification

Aerofugia Officially Starts Type Certification

Aerofugia, a subsidiary of Chinese automaker Geely, officially started type certification for its AE200 air taxi during the first board meeting held in Chengdu, Southwest China.

The AE200 successfully completed its test flight in China in February 2023, making it the largest electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle to complete a maiden flight in the country. The meeting is a sign that the company is making progress toward commercializing the vehicle in the future.

The Chengdu-based eVTOL manufacturer also signed a Project Specific Certification Plan (PSCP) with the China Civil Aviation Southwest Area Management Bureau, a regional aviation bureau under the Civil Aviation Administration Of China (CAAC), to advance the development and certification process of the AE200, the company’s “strategic product” according to Aerofugia CEO Guo Liang.

During the meeting, industry experts and government authorities from the advanced air mobility (AAM) sector formed a Type Certification Board (TCB). It will offer suggestions and subsequently decide whether the AE200 eVTOL meets certain certification requirements before it enters the market.

The board will consider various factors including the design, flight testing results, production, maintenance, and operation of the aircraft.

Guo said Aerofugia will work hard to meet certification standards and improve the design based on the requirements and suggestions from the certification board.

The AE200 is a five-seat eVTOL air taxi prototype with a tilt-motor configuration, which allows the front four of its eight sets of propellers to tilt forward during cruise flight.

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