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XPENG AEROHT Tests Propeller Performance

XPENG AEROHT Tests Propeller Performance

XPENG AEROHT has released a video that shows how it tests propeller performance using a rotor test tower.

An eight-meter rotor test tower, which had been used in the development of helicopter blades in the last previously, has been installed with a gantry structure in the upper tower for the performance test for the first time.

“During the simultaneous rotation of the two propellers, the speed in each working condition is from low to high. In this process, the corresponding parameters such as the pull, torque, rotating speed, power, etc. will be tested. Through this test, we verified that the performance of our propeller is in line with our current design requirements,” said a senior aviation test expert at XPENG AEROHT.

The existing experimental data shows that the pulling force of the propeller can already support the needs of a passenger car.