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Whisper Aero Raises USD$32 Million in Series A Funding

Whisper Aero Raises USD$32 Million in Series A Funding

Whisper Aero, the developer of a quiet propulsion system for electric aircraft, has procured USD$32 million in funding from its Series A round. 

The Tennessee-based company received investment from a syndicate that included Menlo Ventures, EVE Atlas, Capricorn’s Technology Impact Fund, and Connor Capital. Funding was also obtained from Kindred Ventures, Abstract Ventures, Moving Capital, AeroX Ventures, Cosmos Ventures, Linse Capital, and LaunchTN.

Expressing his gratitude to all the investors, Ian Villa, Whisper’s co-founder and COO, said it marks the next step in the firm’s journey to bringing its propulsion system to market. 

“Mark Moore and I are proud to announce Whisper Aero’s $32M Series A to make aviation and the world quieter,” he said in a Twitter post. 

Having raised the capital, Villa said Whisper will focus on multiple avenues, including production, technology development, and creating prototypes for future products. 

“The next phase is focused on standing up our first propulsor production lines, innovating our core tech further, and prototyping new products,” he tweeted. 

Moore, the company’s CEO, said last week that eVTOLs need to operate silently to be widely adopted. He sees Whisper’s propulsion system as the answer, especially considering its tonal profiles include the ultrasonic range which people can’t hear. 

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