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Volant Launches Full-Scale VE25 X1 Demonstrator

Volant Launches Full-Scale VE25 X1 Demonstrator

VOLANT has launched a full-scale technology demonstrator of its new VE25 X1 eVTOL.

The VE25 X1 has an optimized composite wing configuration as well a distributed power architecture (either lift systems + two thrust systems) and is designed fly up to 200km at 230km/h.

When configured in a passenger layout, the VE25 X1 can up to five people including the pilot. It can also be converted to a medevac configuration, or be used to carry cargo.

Earlier in 2022 the company completed a Pre A series funding round which raised USD$14.3 million, which the company would be used for development and manufacturing, and would help accelerate the airworthiness foundation.

“In recent years, the trend of comprehensive transformation of the automotive industry to new energy has promoted the rapid development of the upstream energy system industry, making the aviation distributed electric propulsion (DEP) technology possible and mature, and this process has given birth to the emergence of eVTOLs,” said Dong Ming, CEO, Volant.

“In addition, eVTOL has the industrial attribute of a green economy, which is also an important link in the development of the transportation economy. We can see that relevant national departments are actively promoting the opening of low-altitude airspace, which is conducive to the development of the eVTOL industry,” added Ming.