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USAF BACN Takes Delivery of Modified Global 6000

USAF BACN Takes Delivery of Modified Global 6000

The US Air Force’s Battlefield Airborne Command Node (BACN) has taken delivery of a modified Bombardier Global 6000 private jet.

The delivery is the first from a potential order for six aircraft that was originally announced in June 2021. Bombardier says that the order could be worth up to USD$456 million if all aircraft are delivered.

Based at Hansom Air Force base in Massachusetts, the BACN Global 6000, which it calls the E-11A, effectively acts as a router. It processes information from ground sources, analyzises it and then distributes it to fighter jets or unmanned aerial vehicles, including Northrop Grumman’s Global Hawk.

“We are proud to be able to showcase the versatility of our Global business jets and our expertise here in the U.S. to support the type of high-altitude, endurance missions required by the elite BACN program,” said Steve Patrick, Vice President, Bombardier Defense. “Our best-in-class Global aircraft platform offers the complete package–proven reliability, significant payload capacity, ample available power, and the highest degree of stability to support sensitive equipment. This, along with top notch design, manufacturing and certification expertise required to carry out modifications makes Bombardier Global aircraft the optimal choice for conversion to specialized assets.”

Bombardier says that it has previously delivered four modified Global 6000s to the BACN program, adding that the USAF has already signally its intent to firm a further one order each year through 2025.

“The BACN program reduces communication issues associated with incompatible systems, adverse terrain, and distance. BACN increases interoperability which results in forces that execute faster, more reliably, and with less risk to the warfighter. The delivery of 21-9045 is the pivotal first step to advancing the mission this program provides.” said Lt Col Eric Inkenbrandt, US Air Force.

21-9045 is the registration that the Global 6000 uses. The first two numbers represent the fiscal year that the contract for the aircraft was originally signed.